Effective January 1st, 2024

Miamisburg Municipal Court's Traffic/Criminal Division processes all misdemeanor traffic citations and misdemeanor criminal complaints issued in the court's jurisdiction. Traffic and criminal charges that are classified as minor misdemeanors or misdemeanor 1, 2, 3 or 4 remain in the Miamisburg Municipal Court through sentencing. The court also receives felony filings and holds preliminary hearings on felony charges to determine probable cause before transferring the case to the Montgomery County Common Pleas Court. Below is a chart explaining the confinement and fines for misdemeanors.

Classification Confinement Individual Fine
M1 Up to 6 Months Up to $1,000.00
M2 Up to 90 Days Up to $750.00
M3 Up to 60 Days Up to $500.00
M4 Up to 30 Days Up to $250.00
MM None Up to $150.00

Personnel in the traffic/criminal division input all citations and complaints into the court's database, schedule the necessary court appearances, record all sentencing and fine information, and oversee the fine payment process.

Many traffic citations may be paid by mail, phone, or online in lieu of appearing in court. See below for the Fines & Costs Schedule for payable violations if the officer has not indicated on your citation that an appearance is required.

No Court Appearance Required
If you have NOT had two prior moving violations within the last twelve (12) months, the following traffic offenses DO NOT require a court appearance and can be paid via mail, phone, online, or in person at the Clerk of Courts office:
1-10 MPH/Over $155.00
11-15 MPH/Over $170.00
16-20 MPH/Over $185.00
21-25 MPH/Over $200.00
26-30 MPH/Over $215.00
31-35 MPH/Over $230.00
36 MPH & Over Mandatory Appearance
Traffic Violations
Excessive Smoke $165.00
Expired Registration/Plates $165.00
No Helmet $165.00
Noise/Horn/Muffler $165.00
Rear Reflectors $165.00
Tinted Windows $165.00
Unsafe Vehicle $165.00
Assured Clear Distance $165.00
Closed Road $165.00
Expired OL - Less Than 6 Months $165.00
Fail to Yield $165.00
Following Too Close $165.00
Improper Passing $165.00
Improper Turns $165.00
Left of Center $165.00
Red Light $165.00
Speed For Condition $165.00
Stop Sign $165.00
Child Restraint $220.00
Railroad Crossing $220.00
Failure To Yield to Safety Vehicle $345.00
Texting While Driving $295.00
Distracted Driving $245.00
Seat Belt Violations
Driver $155.00
Passenger $145.00
Parking Violations
Jay Walking $220.00
Loading Zone $155.00
Parking On Street $155.00
Handicap Parking $385.00
Manner Of Parking $155.00
Fire Lane $155.00
Criminal Violations
Noise $190.00
Alcohol In Park $190.00
County Quaran. $190.00
Disorderly Conduct $225.00
Dog At Large $190.00
Dog Barking $190.00
Dog Nuisance $190.00
No Dog License $190.00
No Kennel Registration $190.00
In Park After Hours $190.00
Junk Vehicles $190.00
Littering/Loitering $190.00
Open Container $190.00
Public Intoxication $225.00
Misconduct At ER $240.00
Wildlife Violations
Refuse Disposal $225.00
Stream Litter $225.00
Fishing Without A License $235.00
Littering M3 $225.00
Miscellaneous Violations
Diversion Costs $300.00
Traffic Safety Program $200.00
Distracted Driving $100.00
Court Appearance Required
Traffic offenses which are NOT waiverable and therefore DO require a court appearance are as follows:
  • Any Felony/Indictable Offense
  • Operating a Vehicle Under The Influence Of Alcohol or Drugs of Abuse
  • Leaving the Scene/Personal Injury or Death
  • Allowing a Minor to Drive (No O.L.)
  • Driving While Under Suspension or Revocation
  • All School Zone/Bus Violations
  • A Third or More Moving Violations Within Twelve (12) Months
  • Eluding or Fleeing an Officer
  • Drag Racing
  • All Driver's License Violations/Suspensions
  • Physical Control of a Motor Vehicle
For Help Regarding Traffic, OVI, and Parking, Please Contact:
(937) 866-2203 Option #1

General Information: (937) 847-6491

Check or Money Order Payments can be mailed to:
Miamisburg Court
10 N. First Street
Miamisburg, Ohio 45342

To learn more about case management procedure in criminal cases, please visit our Rules of Court.
Criminal Court Costs Effective 1/01/2024
Court Costs on Criminal Charges $145.00
Court Costs on Traffic Charges $145.00