Civil Division Forms

Eviction Packet

These forms can be filed by a Landlord for the purpose of evicting a tenant from leased property. This is a packet of documents and forms consisting of six (6) pages.

Original plus 3 copies of any form in the packet

Filing cost: $125.00 one defendant, $20.00 for each additional defendant

Rent Escrow Packet

Although there is no form available to file a rent escrow with the court, this link provides information regarding the rent escrow procedure.

Filing cost: 1% of the monthly rent

Request for Debtor's Examination

This form can be filed by judgment creditor after obtaining a civil judgment and requires a debtor to present a summary of personal worth before a magistrate.

Original plus 2 copies

Filing Cost: $35.00

Instructions for Issuing a Subpoena

This document includes instructions, fees, and mileage chart for use when issuing civil subpoenas.


Form to be used by any of the litigants or their attorneys to order an individual to be present for a particular civil court hearing.

Original plus 1 copy

Cost for issuing subpoena for each witness: $10.00

Witness fee, per half day, for each witness: $6.00