Civil/Small Claims

Miamisburg Municipal Court's Civil Division processes personal injury or property damage cases, contract dispute classes, forcible entry cases and cases for monies owed. The court's monetary limit for a civil law suit is $15,000.00. Any civil lawsuit exceeding the $15,000.00 limit must be filed in the Montgomery County Common Pleas Court.

The Small Claims Division is designed for claims up to $6,000.00.

The Civil and Small Claims dockets are heard by the court's magistrate on Tuesday of every week. Personnel in the Civil and Small Claims division input all filings into the court's database, schedule the necessary hearings and trials, issue summons , and receipt all court costs and fees.

To download forms for a civil or small claims case, visit Forms. To read a description of the content of each form, click on the appropriate department.

For questions regarding civil or small claims procedures, visit Miamisburg Municipal Court Rules of Court. Also available is the Ohio State Bar Foundation's publication Keys to the Courtroom.

Civil Division
Alias or Subsequent Summons $20.00
($10.00 for each additional Defendant)
Amended Pleading/Complaint $30.00
($10.00 for each additional Defendant)
Bank Attachment $50.00
($1.00 payable to Bank)
Certificate of Judgment $25.00
Complaint Filing (including FE&D's) $125.00
($20.00 for each additional Defendant)
Counterclaim $125.00
Cross-Complaint $125.00
Execution Levied on Automobile or Padlock of Business $500.00
Exemplified Copy of Judgment $25.00
Garnishment $150.00
Driving Privileges - 12 Point Suspension/ALS Appeal/FRA Suspension $125.00
Jury Demand $800.00
Motion to Modify, Revive or Vacate Judgment $50.00
Order in Aid (Debtor's Exam $35.00
Peace Bond $125.00
Personal Service or Residential Service $25.00
Praecipe for Writ $100.00
Replevin Complaint $125.00
Third Party Complaint $125.00
Transfer from Small Claims $125.00
($20.00 for each additional Defendant)
Trusteeship $125.00
Subpoena Cost $10.00
Witness and Juror Fee $12.00
Half Day $6.00
Mileage on Full or Half Days $0.10
Xerox Copies (per page) $0.25
Certified Copies $5.00
Small Claims Division
Small Claims Filing
Claim amount equal to or less than $3,000 $50.00
Claim amount from $3,001 to $6,000 $100.00
($20.00 for each additional Defendant)
Transfer case to Regular Civil Docket $125.00
($20.00 for each additional Defendant)
Judgment Debtor's Questionnaire $20.00
Order in Aid (Debtor's Exam) $35.00
Garnishment $150.00
Small Claims Counter Claim $50.00
Certified Copies $5.00

To contact personnel in the Civil or Small Claims Department:

Civil and Garnishment Brooklyn 937.847.6484
Small Claims Kiera 937.847.6572