No Jury Trials Scheduled at this time

If you have received a Jury Subpoena to one of the above referenced trials listed that has not been cancelled, you must call the Jury Line or check this website the night before the scheduled trial date after 5:00PM. If the trial is going forward as scheduled, you must report to the Clerk of Courts office on the day of the trial as indicated on the subpoena. If your trial has been cancelled, you do not need to call or report.

Jury Hotline
Liz: (937) 866-2203 Ext. 6487
Jury Line: (937) 866-7801

Jurors are selected at random from a computerized list of legal voters from the Board of Elections. At least seventy-five subpoenas are mailed for each criminal and civil jury. These subpoenas are mailed at least two weeks before the trial date by ordinary mail. A list of the jury is made for the Judge, Clerk, Bailiff and each attorney involved in the case. Prospective jurors must follow the instructions on their subpoena by calling the jury line or checking this website the night before the trial to check the status of the trial. If a jury is canceled after it has been ordered into court and the Clerk of Court is unable to notify all the prospective jurors of said cancellation, the Court must assess the costs incurred to the party canceling the jury demand.