Judge Alyse Rettich

Judge Rettich

Judge Alyse Rettich is a life-long resident of the Miami Valley. Prior to taking the bench, Judge Rettich enjoyed a wide and varied practice at the law firm of Freund, Freeze, and Arnold. Before joining Freund, Freeze, and Arnold Judge Rettich was a Montgomery County Prosecutor where she was a docket attorney prosecuting felony cases of all levels including murder, and other high tier felonies. As a felony prosecutor she engaged in constant negotiations between opposing parties to arrive at the best possible outcome, learning to deal with difficult persons under negative circumstances. Judge Rettich has extensive experience practicing law handling matters and safeguarding the community in court working on all sides prosecutor, defense, as well as Guardian Ad Litem.

Her background in trial work gives her great insight into complicated cases and ever developing conditions, Judge Rettich is accustomed to discerning and adapting to evolving environments, and successfully communicating with people in difficult situations, who are often experiencing trauma and stress. Judge Rettich’s trial experience and education provide her with the acumen necessary to dive into, scrutinize, and arrive at fair and just resolutions that protect the community and its residence.

While a full-time felony docket prosecutor she earned her Master of Business Administration at the University of Dayton School of Business. At the University of Dayton School of Law, Judge Rettich was chosen to mentor young law students as a Dean’s Fellow, leaders are students who demonstrated the highest potential for leadership, academic achievement, and diverse life experience. Judge Rettich has always been motivated, and competitive. She attended Indiana Institute of Technology in Fort Wayne, Indiana with an athletic scholarship from the college women’s soccer team where she played wing defender all four years. Judge Rettich had an exemplary academic record graduating Summa Cum Laude and earning the Humanities award for excellence. These experiences exposed her to the importance of time management while also allowing her to learn and develop through intense competition yet a strong team environment. The skills she developed, honed, and utilized are the backbones of her success and have enabled her to form connections, and be accomplished in all avenues, personal and professional.

Throughout her career, Judge Rettich has always encouraged substance abuse treatment, mental health treatment, and other behavioral educational programs, as opposed to incarceration, when appropriate, and applicable. She is a strong advocate of intervention, and always eager to help people become more knowledgeable about the law and live within the confines of it. Judge Rettich is dedicated to keeping our citizens safe, and managing a court that is efficient, effective, and provides quality support for our community while protecting its citizens.

Judge Rettich is born and raised in our community and enjoys time spent with her husband Aaron, their three sons Leon, Ewan, and Finn as well as extended family. Judge Rettich is a member of the Association of Municipal/County Judges of Ohio (AMCJO), she is also a member of the Ohio State Bar Association, the Dayton Bar Association, the Mid-Miami Valley Bar Association, the Ohio Women’s Bar Association, and the Ohio Bar College. Judge Rettich attends and is active with Emmanuel's Lutheran Church. She is also a volunteer for the Valley View Youth Soccer Association and loves coaching and mentoring young players. Judge Rettich is an Ohio Supreme Court mentor through The Ohio Supreme Court Lawyer to Lawyer Mentoring Program where she has mentored lawyers who were newly sworn into the practice of law. She previously served as the juvenile law co-chair of Dayton Bar Association Juvenile Law Committee, and as a Membership Chair for the Daughters of The American Revolution- Johnathan Dayton Chapter. In her spare time Judge Rettich enjoys reading, swimming, the outdoors, and spending time with family.